Power Range

High specification bushings for use on Power Transformers. Robustly built, with enhanced over- voltage capability.

Compliance Standards

BS EN ISO 60137

Available Designs

FF - Free-flow: utilises transformer’s own dielectric fluid.

SC - Self contained: having its own oil conservator. The normal bushing attitude is vertically mounted. Most bushings in range can be used in horizontal position - see individual data sheets.

For some voltages we are able to provide high current (HC) and very high current (VHC) versions.


Insulator is one-piece ceramic porcelain with anti-fog / high creepage design. Standard porcelain colour is Brown. Grey porcelain is also available - consult us for lead times

Metal Work

Conductors are electro-tin plated. Fixings and fasters are anti-corrosion plated.


Most bushings are supplied with plain terminals enabling connection via flag, palm or block connectors. Lower current versions can be supplied with screwed terminals - if required.


Bushings are supplied fitted with an aluminium flange with fixing holes drilled to accept transformer cover studs.