Cable Box Options
•    Filled Fully Insulated
•    Heat Shrink Fully Insulated
•    Air Partially Insulated
•    Plug In Fully Insulated
•    LV Air Partially Insulated

Fully Filled Insulated

Filled Fully Insulated boxes – These cable boxes are designed for filling with transformer oil or an insulating compound such as Guroflex. Filled cable boxes provide excellent insulation properties and as clearance distances are short, can be more compact where space is at a premium.

12kV 400A           BIL 75kV PF 28kV        Bushing Range         C12-0-400

Poles Glands Flange Form Drawing
1 1/2/3/4 B C C6005
3 1/2/3/4 E T C6020
3 3/6/9/12 E C C6023
4 4/8/12/16 F C C6041

12kV2500A        BIL 75kV PF 28kV            Bushing Range         C12-O-1600 or C12-O-2500

Poles Glands Flange Form Drawing
1 1/2/3/4 B C C6008
3 1/2/3/4 F T C6021
3 3/6/9/12 F C C6024
4 4/8/12/16 M C C6042

24kV 2500A        BIL 125kV PF 50kV        Bushing Range        C24-O-1600 or C24-O-2500

Poles Glands Flange Form Drawing
1 1/2/3/4 K C C6050
3 1/2/3/4 J T C6052
3 3/6/9/12 J C C6053

36kV 3150A        BIL 170kV PF 70kV        Bushing Range        C36-O-3150

Poles Glands Flange Form Drawing
1 1/2/3/4 C C C6060
3 1/2/3/4 H T C6061
3 3/6/9/12 H C C6062


KEY to  Form Symbols

C- Conventional cube shaped enclosure

T- Triangular form for compound filling


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